3MIK.COM – Share and Discover Things in India

3mik.com is an Indian website that allows users to “share and discover” things in India. On first glance, the platform shares a close resemblance to the number three ranked social media site on the web – Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest’s about us section pitches itself as a “Virtual Pinboard that allows you to organize and share”. However, let’s leave Pinterest aside and review 3mik.com with a fresh and independent perspective of a first time user.

The website is currently on Beta stage, however the user experience is decent. Features like city wise categorization and what’s new? Filters give the user fewer headaches on image heavy sites like these. Social media sites must realize that making life easy for the user is the best way to create stickiness. For instance, before Facebook launched its timeline feature, users most definitely would have felt they were part of some sort of time-lapsed black hole. It was easy to engage with Facebook, but nightmarish to retrieve or go back to what you had done.

Long and lengthy pages can be tough on a user. 3mik.com must look at minute elements in their Beta testing stage such as a scroll to top button. What is also striking is the lack of a logo. The favicon is a smaller version of a site logo that shows up in the tab of a window when multiple tabs are open. 3mik.com has a blue spot with the number 3 in it, but does not reflect at all anywhere on the main site. What this does once more is make me think – am I on Pinterest? (Sorry, I strayed!!)

What I do hope very strongly as an Indian who lives in this large, beautiful and complex country is for 3mik.com to become a massive repository of culture and sharing. This will allow people to see things that they could only do so by spending a huge amount of time traveling across the country. In a country like India, such a platform has immense potential to succeed because there are so many elements to us as a people. I believe 3mik.com is the ideal portal to help globalize India. As crazy as it sounds, its true – India is like the internet with 26 states that are like independent websites.

We need a strong connector, and 3mik.com can be that visual connector.



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