3 Important Tips Getting a Persuasive Signage


Bringing new customers in the company needs a thorough critique of the marketing strategy.  If you have used social media platforms like Facebook, Google, TV, Radio, Printed Materials, or even YouTube, but it still manages to produce little increase in the sales of the product, try considering business signage.

Yes!  Survey of actual food establishment named Hungry Jacks has measured its customers’ awareness of their business entity.  In the result, dominantly, 35% of the customers have answered that they mainly become aware of the existence of the restaurant when they have seen it while passing by. It means the business signage has a silent function which returns to attracting new customers.

Also, the University of San Diego had analyzed the effect on signage on major fast-food chains.  It was found out that the use of an additional on-premise sign has resulted in an increase in the annual sales at about 4.75%.  It also increased the customer transaction annually by almost 4%.  It implies that the number of signs had a significant positive impact on both annual customer transaction and yearly sales.

Now, In business, effective signage talks to buyers convincingly through language or beautiful imagery that gives impact to buyers’ purchasing behavior.  The purpose of this signage is to provide emphasis or advertise or promote a particular product or discounted items and the likes.    Its benefit is not only the product alone, but also with the transactions because it could boost in the company.  Yes, once you have efficiently used the persuasive signage, it will effectively reflect towards the sales in the company.

The signage you may choose can also be custom cut metal signs to boost the customers’ population.  With the pieces of evidence of the influence of signage towards customers, these are the three tips to make your signage more persuasive.

1. Choose Colors Wisely.

Always remember that the colors you choose to use in your signage have 80% bearing in the entire sign you will display.  Upon picking the right colors, consider the purpose of your intention in making the signage.  Do not use trendy colors because what is currently attractive in today’s eye may be an eyesore soon.  Make sure that in picking a color, it will not compromise the product you will promote.

Since a custom cut metal sign will be used, do notice that your text will be merging with another color – it might be within the text or with its background.  So make sure that it complements with outdoor elements like the sky which is blue or grass which is green if such, white or yellow backgrounds are recommended. If you have planned to have multiple signs in one particular site, keep the signage colors and design to be consistent to avoid chaotic and eyesore vision result.

2. Pick the most appropriate typeface.

Since there are favorite downloadable fonts on the internet, it is not a guarantee that all of it is useful in your signage.  Make sure that the font style you will use is readable and straightforward because to make a visual presentation effective; it should take only a split of second in shaping the brain process.

The easiest fonts to read are Franklin Gothic and Helvetica.  These fonts are universal, but its thick stems with san-serif large font make customers read the text easily.  If you use one of these, avoid extra bolding the letters, italicizing, or condensing or light weighting its version because it will void the purpose and function of the font per se.

Also, there are serif fonts like Times New Roman and Baskerville which is also commonly used, aside from it is appropriate in conveying the emphasis of the old-school brand, it makes it difficult to read if the customer is at a distant with the signage.

3. Image use should be carefully scrutinized.

Images speak a thousand words. Well-Designed imagery can be very useful in conveying your message across your whether it is a symbol, map, illustration or photograph.  Just like in toilets, it does not contain words, but one picture is enough to speak its intention.  So make sure to tap an experienced graphic design team in helping you with the creation of the most effective design of your signage.


To make all of these tips possible, apply in your marketing decision the first formula in creating successful signage, audience first.  The use of business signage should be persuasive in the sense that it is visible, understandable, readable, legible, and eye-catching.  Although the business signage is a regular and not interactive type of marketing tool, it speaks to thousands of people without you knowing.

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