17 Things You Didn’t Know About Seinfeld

Love Jerry Seinfeld? Then this infographic might interest you a lot. The world famous comedy sitcom, Seinfeld, was originally called “The Seinfeld Chronicles.” Had they called it by its original name, it might have looked like a blog today. In this infographic titled, “17 Things You Didn’t Know About Seinfeld” you will see some very interesting facts about the comedy sitcom, Seinfeld.

The chronicles suffix was taken away because on one of the channels, yet another show that had chronicles in its name was a total failure. It’s good they didn’t want to follow the lead of a failed show. The popular role played by Julia Louis Dreyfus was originally offered to a couple of actors before. Infact, the part played by Elaine was not even the original part of the script.

In the pilot script, Kramer was originally named, Kessler. This was because the guy on whose character this name was based, didn’t give permission to the director Larry David to use it in the sitcom. Apparently, Larry David went from rags to riches from Seinfeld. He was broke before Seinfeld happened to him!

You will not see the siblings of the main characters, Jerry, George, and Elaine, anywhere in the entire series. This ever green comedy sitcom has won ten Primetime Emmy Awards. It was nominated for sixty eight awards. Seinfeld earned in millions from ads that were displayed during the commercial breaks of this sitcom. These are some of the most astonishing facts you’ll get to read from one of the most popular sitcoms ever to grace our television. Read on find out more.

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