17 Interesting Facts About Feet

Do you know, that there are some very interesting facts about feet? A person called, Matthew McGrory had feet so big, he had to wear shoes sized twenty eight and a half! Your feet can take you everywhere. A certain Madeline Albrecht’s feet were sniffed more than five thousand times. As much as it is extraordinary to note that someone’ feet were sniffed so many times. It is quite apparent that they probably never wore smelly shoes or socks.
In this infographic titles, “17 Interesting Facts about Feet”, you will get to see lot of interesting facts about feet and footwear. An average person takes ten thousand steps per day; but then if they work as corporates or are plain lazy, then that number could be drastically smaller.
Women tend to walk more number of miles than men on an average, daily. Now this is a given, because they need to get more work done at home and in the office if they are working. Also, women tend to wear shoes that are smaller to their feet, as compared to men and that’s also one of the reasons they have more foot problems compared to men, and end up buying more shoes. So, this solves the mystery of why women love buying more pair of shoes.
Read such interesting facts about an often ignored part of our body, the humble feet below–
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17 Interesting Facts About Feet Infographic

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