10 Ways to Grow Your SEO Rankings

10 Ways to Grow Your SEO Rankings 1

10 Ways to Grow Your SEO Rankings 2

Nowadays, everyone is asking Google about everything including the products and services that you need. It explains the importance of SEO in the modern-day business world. If internet users are unable to get to you, then you are non-existent. The best way is to look for the best SEO services in India to help you out.

The secret is to learn to improve the SEO ranking of your website. So many people are still struggling with this issue despite Google and other search engines being with us for so many years. The challenge could be that Google keeps on changing its algorithm with the aim of enhancing the user experience.

The best SEO services in India always remain on top of the game when it comes to meeting the expectations of search engines. Here are some ten ways to grow your SEO ranking and improve your brand.

  1. Increase Your Page Loading Speed

The speed at which your pages load is a crucial metric that Google and other search engines pay close attention to. Fast internet load speeds have conditioned users to want information right Now.

It explains the importance of the loading speed of your page. If the speed is too low, the search engine will recognize it and this will hard your ranking. Google understands that slow loading sites influence how users interact with your web pages. They don’t want to direct the users to bad pages through their results.

According to research, 40% of users will abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load. To make it worse, 80% of these visitors will not come back to such a website. It is a terrible thing for SEO as it will kill traffic to your website.

If your page loads fast, you will have so many people coming back to your site. The algorithm will realize the popularity of your website and adjust your search ranking.

  1. Start Blogging Because Content is Crucial

Blogging is good for all businesses. It makes Google to crawl your website more consistently and also lead generation and visitor engagement.

Due to this, blogging will increase your ranking in the search engine. Producing consistent, relevant, and fresh content will drive people to your website. It will also give them reasons to stay on your website for some time.

It explains why the best SEO services in India offer blogging services. All you need to do is identify a group of faithful readers through social media engagement and email subscription. It will help you attract so much traffic to your website daily.

  1. Have a Readable Website

Apart from having relevant content, it should be readable. Keep your target audience in mind while writing content for your website. If you give your readers the content that they want, they will visit your website and spend a lot of time on it.

Avoid overly technical and jargon writing. Write your content in a manner that people can understand. It should not be confusing or confounding. You can check the available resources to check the readability of your website. These tools will help you to identify the words that could be too difficult or long for the readers to comprehend.

  1. Ensure Your Website is a Multimedia Experience

Your web content should not only be in the text form. You need to add multimedia elements like audio, slideshows, videos, and images on the website. All these things will help in improving the user experience.

Most consumers prefer watching and listening to reading. It is a good way to increase both engagement and retention. Watching something is also easier than reading about it. Adding these features to your website will help improve your ranking in the search engine.

  1. Using Infographics

Most people forget about this element of multimedia in their website. These are information-packed content pieces that have significant contribution towards SEO. It is a good way to generate more backlinks and visitors.

The best SEO services in India integrate infographics in their strategy. Rarely will people overlook your content if you design infographics in the right way.

  1. Use Keywords

Even though this sounds obvious, keywords have a critical role to play in improving the overall ranking of your website. Do your research well, set a keyword strategy, and focus on relevant content.

Remember keyword stuffing has adverse effects on SEO ranking. Include these keywords in your content naturally. You need to write for human beings and not the algorithms. Put these keywords in the header tags, file names, image captions and use long tail keywords.

  1. Use Engaging Meta Descriptions and Page Titles

The right Meta description and page titles will encourage searchers to click through. Keep it concise as Google only gives you 65 characters for the page title. As you write the title, keep keywords at the front, keep it consistent and clear.

For the Meta description, you have to keep it descriptive, make it unique and short (at most 160 characters). The best SEO services in India can help you design the page titles and Meta descriptions.

  1. Provide Accurate Contact Info

Contact information is the other trust factor that Google looks for. If users cannot trace the contact details of your brand on your website, the search engine will also not find it. Lack of contact information questions your legitimacy in business.

Contact information should be plain sight and clear for visitors to get. It can be bad for people to start reporting your website because you forgot adding your physical location, email address, or phone number.

  1. Set Up a Google Business Page

Local SEO is more important than the worldwide results for most businesses. Therefore, it is important for you to set up an account on Google Business.

As the page owner, you will edit your business info, add images, verify contact information, and monitor reviews among others. The Google business page is a critical ranking factor for the search engine.

  1. An Accessible and Secure Website

Having the right type of URL is also a critical ranking factor. You need a URL that the Google bots will reach easily and crawl. Google should be able to reach to your URL and have a look at your page content to get to understand what your page does.

You need to do a few things to help the bots out. Use a well-coded web builder to create your site. You’ll also need a robots.txt file to tell Google where it can look for your site and where it can’t. A site map that lists all your pages. You can set up a sitemap through Yoast SEO if you run a WordPress Website. If this is not the case, use an online sitemap generator.


These ten tips are essential in enhancing the ranking of your website in the search engines. The best SEO services in India use them to increase traffic and in lead generation. It is good to integrate them in your online strategy if you want to increase your visibility.

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