10 Stupid Things you should not do in the Gym

10 Stupid Things you should never do in the Gym
10 Stupid Things you should never do in the Gym

Let’s assume that you have earned yourself a good value among all the beginners in your gym through your athletic physique and the amount of weight you lift. You have been working hard on your training, nutrition and recently you have bought yourself a couple of fitness magazines too! That’s great. Now, everything you wish is to become an alpha-athlete and gain a little more respect from both, veteran lifters and newbies. All in all, you want to be called as an asset to the gym. Well not until you stop doing these stupid things –

The very first thing you need to do to become more receptive to courtesy in the gym is by doing away with your habit of offering unsolicited advice to beginners. I know mate you have worked hard and you know a lot of things about weight training and stuff. But, don’t get carried away, bro. Let them first try and if they fail let them try again. And always remember, if they really need your help, they will ask for it sooner or later.

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I can certainly understand the rush of testosterone while lifting heavy-ass weights but try and keep your grunting to minimum sound. Also, avoid slamming down your weights once you are done. Too bad, you see. Oh well, how could I forget to tell you to not to carry your cell phone inside the gym.

It’s absolutely okay if you skip those gym check-ins and workout selfies (unless you happen to be a pro bodybuilder who earns from his lifestyle). You should rather concentrate on what’s more important – Training.

Share this infographic with all your gym buddies and save them from possible embarrassment. They will always be grateful to you.

Infographic created by myfitfuel.in

10 Stupid Things you should never do in the Gym
10 Stupid Things you should never do in the Gym

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