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10 Gentleman Things You Should Do In The Gym

Being a gentleman in the gym is not as easy at seems. You got to do away with your ignorant habits and develop traits of a true gentleman. You can no longer play by the same old rules. The new set of rules includes re-racking your weights once you have finished your set. Not only does it save someone from tripping over but also earns you a bit of respect from other people in the gym.

Apart from this, a true gentleman always shares his equipment. While you are resting, do this act of kindness and allow someone else to use the equipment. Along with equipment also share the water fountain, benches in the locker room and all other things that are meant for everyone’s use. You should also wear decent gym apparel. Nothing too fancy for god’s sake.

Another gentleman trait which you can develop is wiping off your sweat on the equipment after you have used it. It will help in maintaining the hygiene in the gym. You should cut short your shower duration in the gym. Freshen up quickly and leave so that everybody gets a fair amount of time in the shower.

Enough said, check out this infographic on top 10 gentleman things you should do in the gym and share it with your mates and enlighten them with the truth that will lead them to become a true gentleman in the gym.

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10 Gentleman Things you should do in the Gym
10 Gentleman Things you should do in the Gym