10 Critical Steps to Protect Yourself Online

Protect Yourself Online

Protect Yourself Online

Thousands of Indians use the internet for one reason or the other – for betting, gambling, registration, something serious, or just for fun. However, only a few know how to browse safely; thus, only a few escapes being victims of cyber-attacks. Whatever you do online, taking measures to keep yourself safe is critically important.

Therefore, whether you’re playing sports betting or simply browsing some information, here are ten critical steps to protect yourself.

1. Check the Betting Site’s Licensing

When choosing an online platform to engage with, you must ensure certain factors are considered, and the most important is license. By the license of the online platform, you can tell under whose authority they are working. We’re talking about the laid down rules and regulations the site runs by; every standard and legitimate betting site has this.

For your protection, you should look into the site’s background to ensure they are credible. Engaging with an online platform that is not licensed is like setting yourself up for harm. It could also mean you are giving your private information to a hacker or one of those crackers who break into firewalls.

2. Payment Pathways

It is important to check and inspect the site’s payment processes to keep you and your assets safe. A good online betting site will ensure they have different payment pathways and that each pathway is safe for deposits and withdrawals. If you’re using the IPL betting app, inspecting it is essential to guarantee safety of transactions. You should ensure the app has a 128-bit SSL encrypted technology behind its payment options’ security system.

3. Login Channels Encryption

You’ll be inputting sensitive personal information into the online betting site, including your name, contact address, and so on. Ensuring the site’s login window is well encrypted with the latest SSL encryption is the least you can do to protect yourself. At this rate, every piece of information you put into the site will be safe, and none will be leaked.

If possible, go for a platform that offers two-factor authentication – a login option that ensures you are the one accessing the platform and not a third party.

4. Check the Site’s Gaming Source

The best online gambling sites will not only have a collection of the latest games; the games will be from trusted providers. So, check the site’s games’ source; they should include the most trusted software providers, including NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming.

Many times, the gaming source says a lot about the quality of the website, and that is not something you want to ignore.

5. Keep a Close Eye on Your Account

Always keep a lookout for your account’s activities from time to time, even if you haven’t used it in a while. It is worth checking the activities your account engages in intermittently to ensure no hacker can pilfer your money – or get away with it.

6. Password Safety

Frauds and scammers often get people through their passwords, so keep it safe. Ensure you change your passwords at intervals, and ensure they are strong. Don’t use obvious information like your birthday or pet name as a password, and don’t share it with anyone for any reason.

7. Make Using VPN a Habit

Whether you use the internet for gambling or betting or spend much time surfing the net, make using VPN a habit. Online gambling sites can be vulnerable to cyber-attackers looking to steal your identity or money. So, invest in a VPN for an extra layer of protection, keeping your device and you safe.

8. Review the Terms and Conditions

Many Indians, and people everywhere else, click “accept” on terms and conditions without reading them – that’s a bad move. It is important to analyze the site’s fine print for potential red flags concerning paying and collecting winnings. There may be hidden fees you won’t know about unless you read the contract through.

9. There Should Be a Lock Sign

Always check for the lock sign next to the URL when inputting personal financial details into any website. The lock sign proves the payment transaction’s credibility, indicating your information will not be vulnerable to hackers. Stay away from any website that is not secured as it can be easily hijacked by hackers.

10. Check the Site’s Database

If the site is legit, it will constantly run automated database checks to check the credibility of the information you offer. If the site doesn’t ask for any sort of identification, it is likely unregistered – so you want to steer clear.


Online betting, gambling, and surfing are great ways to unwind and maybe make money in India. However, you should be on your toes for potential threats and take measures to keep yourself protected. If you are a bettor or you plan on going into professional betting in India, you can play safe when you choose the right platform. One of such Indian platforms is Parimatch. Access to a variety of games, a responsive app, welcome bonuses, and promotional offers are all you stand to benefit from Parimatch.

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