Things Your Logo Designer Must Know About Your Business

By | April 11, 2017

Designing a logo is no easy task. There are several things to consider before getting started on a new logo – how it can affect the brand of your company, simplicity, your target audience, etc. Most experts recommend that you hire a designer to design a logo for you, who can take care of all of these details for you.

There are some basic things that your logo designer needs to know about your company to be able to design the perfect logo for you. This article lists some of those important points down below.


If you plan on selling just one category, like apparel, you can have a logo design with either clothes or hangers in it. But in case you intend to expand your range and sell other products like toys and sports accessories along with clothes, then you will need a more abstract design for your logo.

Your Services

Suppose you have a software product business that concentrates on making the lives of your customers’ easier using technology. The software you create may help to make people’s lives comfortable – perhaps your software helps make reading books easier, or navigate traffic while travelling. You will need to list down all the services you provide for your designer to understand the business you are in. The best way to do this would be to think of him/her as your customer and make them understand what you do and how you enrich people’s’ lives.

The Choice Of Your Business Name

Your business name is your identity. It is certain that you have some attachment to the name you decided to give your business. Your designer needs to understand these sentiments to get a deeper understanding of your business.

How You Want Your Customers To Perceive Your Logo

It is possible that you’re addressing a particular target group of clients in the industry. The group could be children, teens, adults, or even seniors. And since there is a different way to connect with each target audience and sell to them, you will have to specify what group you are addressing.


This is probably one of the most important of all the factors. Your mission is the goal that you eventually want to achieve with your business. This could help your designer to understand what kind of design your logo needs, in order for the public to connect and relate with it.

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What Makes You Stand Out?

For higher sales, it is important that you have something that makes your business stand apart from the competition. Giving this information about your USPs to your designer could help him/her put this idea into your logo and help your logo stand out too.

Your Brand Personality

Imagine your business’ brand personality coming to life. If it were a person, how would it be? Will it be a he or a she? What clothes will it wear? What kind of person would it be? Would your brand be robust and confident, witty and charming, or humble and benevolent? Think of all of this before your describe your brand personality to your designer. Your brand personality could help add a bit of an edge to your logo and help your customers better connect with your brand.

Some Examples

Naturally, as the owner of your business, you will have some ideas on your mind as to how you want your logo to look. This helps your designer to understand your brand and your vision to a large extent. So, make sure you have a couple of drafts with you and share those with your designer while brainstorming the design of your logo.

If you face challenges explaining what needs to be done to a logo designer to receive a logo in return, you can design a logo online and avoid all these hassles. The plus point is that you are already aware of all these details and have an understanding of the design philosophy anyway. With the correct guidance, anyone can design the perfect logo for their business, without spending a fortune on graphic design.

Some e-commerce website builders (like Shopify) also have their own logo makers. What makes this a great option is that you can have all your website building needs in one place, the admin page of your website design.

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