To help advertisers strengthen their ad targeting, AdvertiseMint, a Facebook advertising agency, released “A Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting,” an internal Facebook ad targeting guide that helps advertisers understand and unlock Facebook’s vast targeting options. The Facebook ad targeting guide contains 850 Facebook ad targeting options segmented into the main categories listed below:


  • Demographics: age, gender, interest, and language, among many others
  • Connections: i.e. individuals who liked a brand’s Facebook page or app and the friends of those high-interest individuals
  • Interest: i.e.individuals who are interested in a brand or who are likely to be interested in a brand; categories like movies, music, sports, games, and shopping, among many others
  • Custom Audiences: existing customers who are also Facebook users by uploading a customer contact list
  • Behaviors: automotive, purchase, mobile, or financial behaviors

Click here to download the Facebook ad targeting guide

These five main categories are divided into various detailed categories, including political views, purchase behaviors, relationship statuses, and residential profiles. AdvertiseMint’s free targeting guide is available in two formats: a high-res infographic and a printable 3-paged PDF.

With AdvertiseMint’s Facebook ad targeting guide, advertisers can reach a high-interest audience and save money on their ad campaigns.