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35 Common Web Hosting Terms, Defined

Bluehost, The official WordPress hosting provider, came up with an infographic which complies of visual glossary of web hosting’s most common words, acronyms and phrases. Also read our Review on Bluehost Hosting

How to Build Your Online Business with

With an ever increasing awareness about the web, more and more users are going online for even the most basic day to day tasks. From running a personal website or a blog to shopping online; from booking travel tickets and paying utility bills to conducting business online, everything has been well adapted by users over… Read More »

WordPress.Org vs Free WordPress.Com

If you are a blogger who uses WordPress then there are certain basic things you can know about WordPress. There is a difference using and In this infographic titled, “WordPress Blog” you will know the difference between the two; and yes, they are not the same. By default most of the bloggers use… Read More »