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It Pays to Play

While engaging in sports is always good for health, it has other benefits that you may not be aware of. has created an infographic entitled “It Pays to Play” detailing just how important being active in a sport can be – even into adulthood.

Olympic Boondoggle

All eyes are on Sochi, as it gears up to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Unfortunately, not everything is going as planned. has created an infographic entitled “Olympic Boondoggle” showing just how out of control Sochi’s spending has become.

The Champions League: 14 Things You May Not Know

The UEFA Champions League 2013-14 will resume action with the round of 16 on February 18th. As with every edition of the tournament, there are some mouth watering clashes for football fans to look forward to.  Manchester City vs Barcelona, Arsenal vs Bayern Munich are just two such games. Manchester United take on Olympiakos, while… Read More »

Best Adventure Travel 2014

If you have a penchant for adventure and want to do so in 2014, this infographic Best Adventure Travel 2014 is the place for you. Created and designed by Travel Center UK, the infographic lists adventure sports in destinations like France, Chile, China, Honduras, Greece and Russia. If you fed up of travelling to the… Read More »

The Business of NFL

Mascots, cheerleaders, and face-paint: What do these things have in common? Football!  And America’s favorite sport is one of the largest in the nation, valued at over 37.4 billion per year.  That amount is higher than the GDP’s of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and 115 other countries. has created an infographic detailing the sport… Read More »

College Football Equipment

Every week in the fall, thousands of football players trot onto the turf at college stadiums across the country. With pride, these players wear uniforms emblazoned with the colors and emblems of their schools. As they watch the action from the stands and on TV, most college football fans undoubtedly give little thought to the… Read More »

Wimbledon: The Finals Countdown

Winning a Grand Slam is the pinnacle of a tennis player’s career, but the tradition and history of Wimbledon makes this tournament extra special. With its iconic ivy-adorned setting and first-class facilities, SW19 is the number one event in the tennis calendar for players and fans alike. Over the years, the tournament has witnessed some… Read More »

Sehwag vs Sachin: Double Century

It is well known that Hinduism comprises many gods, deities, or things to be worshipped. Some of them are humanoid but others are not. What is not well known is that there are not just humanoid gods, but also human gods in India. There is Rajinikanth who is a god of acting (this is true;… Read More »