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How to Create a Well-Balanced Blog

Cross-posted from Our partners often come to us with the same problem: They are eager to establish a presence through their blog, to create powerful, engaging visual content that will attract their target audience and transform that audience into brand loyalists—but they don’t know exactly what type of content they should be publishing to… Read More »

The Story of Facebook

The following infographic by Tamar in its #digitalhistory series looks at the story of Facebook. Tamar has been working in social media since before the launch of Facebook, and are the right kind of people to to look back over the story so far, started off in a dorm room by Mark Zuckerberg way back… Read More »

Best Practices for Shorter Tweets

Marketing experts are constantly on the search for engaging, attention-grabbing tweets. However, stuffing a full marketing message into 140 characters or less can be a huge challenge-especially when you have a lot to say! has created an infographic entitled “Best Practices for Shorter Tweets” giving you tips to making the most out of those… Read More »

Do You Know That Face? Facebook Does

Facebook is the largest photo-sharing site in the world. Recently, Facebook started using Tag Suggestions, which uses face-recognition software to suggest people’s names to tag in pictures without their permission. In this infographic done by Columnfivemedia with Zone Alarm,  take a look at how the software works, privacy concerns and some tips on how to avoid… Read More »

The Social Network Decision Tree

We are extremely happy with “The Social Network Decision Tree” infographic for two reasons. The shorter reason is that we agree that Twitter is a useless social networking site. There have been no original thoughts expressed in the billions of tweets. If a thought cannot be adequately, fully and properly expressed in 140 words then… Read More »

Honda Social Media Marketing

If you are keen on the FB (Facebook) games and the companies that participate in creating an FB games, then you have an FB game called Car Town created by American Honda Motors Company. Since, creating FB games about the products of the company is one of the best digital marketing strategies used by many… Read More »

Ford Social Media Marketing

Do you know the app created by Ford cars that has been installed in the Ford cars and tested, actually lets you blog and tweet from the car? This is a boon for any writer, as you can take your writing from any location, of course, not while driving, but any place you can drive.… Read More »

Facebook 2010 The Saga Continues

Facebook has completely changed the face of our generation’s communication. Ten years back, who knew our world will be taken up by storm with this popular social media network? Thousands of businesses today rely on Facebook; people know their relatives better now with the help of Facebook. The point is– Facebook that has come to… Read More »