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Is the Era of Fast Food Ending?

Internal or intrinsic contradictions do not last. Where they do last can be done only through brainwashing or “re-education training”, the threat of force, the use of force or other means to compel the use of that internal or intrinsic contradiction. Unfortunately for the fast food industry, it does not (or, at least, not yet)… Read More »

Buon Appetito Mumbaiwalo!!

The diversity of foods served in Italy can be surprising to those who aren’t familiar with regional cuisines. Northern Italy uses less olive oil and more butter, with a focus on grains such as polenta and rice for risotto. Southern Italian dishes make heavy use of tomato sauce and handmade pastas. Italian cuisine is characterized… Read More »

9 Craft Beers to Drink with Gourmet Pizza

Are you a Beer Buff? For a change, try out a Craft Beer and Pizza Tasting Night with your friends! Craft Beer can be good drinks if you want a more laid back kind of hang out. Pair up this well-loved, full flavored brew with sumptuous pizza selections and you’re in for a fun night. Check out what… Read More »

All About Salad Bars in Metropolis

The streets of Mumbai are filled with numerous outlets of junk food. Resisting these fattening foods isn’t made any easier with restaurants serving up delicious set menu. Also family gatherings are bursting with samosas, jalebis, cakes, meats or simply everything laden with fat! But many restaurants in Mumbai include Salad bars and many other light… Read More »

Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Chocolate Pairings

Chocolate is an extremely versatile food that can be used in sweet or savory dishes. There are famous chocolate couples such as chocolate and peanut butter, but have you ever had chocolate and balsamic or chocolate and chilies? The following infographic named “Chocolate pairing” is a guide to create amazing chocolate concoctions for your next… Read More »

Your Guide to Eating Etiquette Abroad

Etiquette affects almost every aspect of dining. Dining etiquette rules apply before you ever take your seat and continue after you excuse yourself from the table.  Different cultures observe different rules for table manners. Each family or group sets its own standards for how strictly these rules are to be enforced. You should be well-versed with… Read More »

50 Culinary Hacks To Make You A Kitchen Master

Cooking is indeed a great fun…but when you know it properly. No offence to new cooks which are very fresh to the culinary business. But cooking could be an absolute disaster when you don’t know the culinary hacks involved in it. Here is an infographic which gives an overall view of 50 culinary hacks which will… Read More »

What’s Your Whiskey?

Drink it neat. Drink it tall. Drink it mixed or garnished; hot or cold; in the summer, winter, autumn, or spring. Whiskey (or whisky, depending on who you ask) is a drink for any man, any woman, in any season, on any occasion. It’s rich. It’s versatile. It’s smooth. In fact, it was used as… Read More »

How Much Tea do the British Really Drink

This infographic was developed by the team at London Office Space who realized that they drink a lot of tea and, after a bit of research, discovered that so do most people in the UK. Offering a fun look at British tea drinking stats and facts, the infographic also covers office tea drinking culture and… Read More »

Qdoba® Frees the Flavor; “Extras” No Longer Cost Extra

Mexican fast-casual chain launches simplified menu and pricing structure where entrée prices are inclusive of all flavors, including Queso and guacamole. Qdoba Mexican Grill® is encouraging guests to free the flavor as the Mexican fast-casual brand unveils a new simplified menu and pricing structure at its 600-plus restaurants in which “extras” are no longer extra.… Read More »

Grill Master- Properly Cook Meats and Veggies Everytime

Do you love cooking grilled food??…But you end up either over cooking or under cooking it??..If yes, then this infographic will definitely help you to make your food perfectly grilled. The most experienced masters of grill are also troubled remembering the time required for the grilled items to cook. Also the most important thing the… Read More »

Catering Defined

How many kinds of catering are there? More than we know. See all the different grades of catering that we’ve never known before. Party catering in Singapore will never be the same again.