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I am a Digital Marketing Professional based in Mumbai. Love to travel and go on an adventure with friends. I also love trying food from different cultures in India.

Software Development Technologies in Demand in Washington

Headquarters of numerous world biggest corporations are located in Washington state. It is the center of IT development with thousands of specialists in Java, .NET, Python, C++ and other programming languages. Check out the impressive statistics about software development technologies in demand in Washington by Redwerk.

The Landscape of Code

Programmers are like linguists, studying foreign languages and reaching varying degrees of fluency. Let’s traverse the coding landscape to learn more about some of the most popular programming languages used today. Infographic provided by

Bridging the Software Skills Gap

With technology continuing to develop at a head-spinning pace, companies are finding themselves in need of more tech workers to secure their data, build and maintain their websites and so much more. Unfortunately, the number of applicants isn’t even coming close to the number of available tech jobs. So what’s the deal? Infographic provided by… Read More »

Why Hackers Hack: Motives Behind Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks caused $450 billion of damage to the global economy in 2016 – and the cyber security industry is booming in response. But while the cause and effects of hacking are clear, what is less obvious is why all of this hacking is happening in the first place. Today’s infographic looks at why hackers hack –… Read More »

Rock Climbing As a Sport

Hiking and biking are some of the favorite sports for nature enthusiasts but if you are looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, rock climbing is the way to go. Hanging 40 feet from the ground appears risky but with proper training and technique, participants are able to experience the very best that nature has to… Read More »

The Future of Shipping is Green and Autonomous

Space travel and autonomous cars get all the hype. However, the world’s oceans – and the ships that roam them – often get overlooked when it comes to advances in transportation technology. Here’s what the future of shipping looks like. [via]

How Amazon Makes Money

Tis the season for shopping… And for many of us, that means online shopping – and a lot of that happens through Amazon. Today’s infographic breaks down Amazon’s business model, successes, as well as how the company makes its money. [via]

Hostinger Review – Cheap & Fastest Web Hosting

Hostinger Web Hosting Overview: Hostinger started off in the year 2004 under the name “Hosting media” with an aim of empowering millions of people discover the world of internet. This simple strategy transformed their company and ultimately came to be known as the best and most inexpensive web hosting company in the world. As of… Read More »

How to Plan for the Ultimate Around the World Trip

There’s a RTW trip for just about everyone: adventurers, romantics, first-time travelers, and those who prefer learning over lounging. Discover created this infographic on tips and tactics for planning your dream round-the-world vacation.  

How Much Money Do Top Companies Make Each Second?

How much money does Apple & other top companies make each second? Does any other company even come close? Today’s infographic visualizes the most profitable companies on the Fortune 500, and it shows this in units of “profit per second”. [via]